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At UANS we get lots of love letters from our customers. Some off them have been loyal to us for decades and it really makes our day when we get these. Our customers aren't fooled by glitzy ad campaigns and fluff ingredients, to them it's all about how it really works.

"UANS is the highest quality product I have had the priviledge of working with onstage and off."
–Dante di Mattia, Casa Dante, Halifax, NS

"I am completely, thoroughly in LOVE with this product!!! ...all I can say is WOW!!!!"
–Patricia, from email

"My hair was very damaged from my summer at the beach. And it has been only 2 wks. since I started using the reconstructor. My hair is back in healthy condition. And the product has made my hair shine, and the softness is wonderful...Thank you so much. "
–Teresita E-K,TX

"I am in love. My hair feels silky smooth, tame and relaxed. I truly recommend you try this product."
–timeshare10, Youtube

"This line is perfectly suited to our climate because its products have a lot of moisture and they work here."
–Joy, Hair Sensations, Whitehorse, Yukon

"This is like a magic potion, seriously, like voodoo on your hair."
–DRBrooklyn730, YouTube

–Maria M., Chicago, IL

"...purchased your product, and was stunned at the results. I am totally, completely amazed"
–Karen, from email

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such an exceptional product.
–Shelina, Toronto, ON

"Only products that make my hair this way. I was in doubt at first because nothing seems to work on my hair but now I love the stuff!"
–Diana R., Hamilton, ON

"I really love how soft it makes my hair."
–Angelica B., San Diego, CA

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